Become a Monthly Donor to Elevate Your Impact

The Nepalese rupee equals about $0.009 USD, or one penny. With about 30 percent of the Nepalese population surviving on less than $1.25 per day, donations of just a few dollars immediately improve the daily lives of Nepali citizens. And when these donations are made monthly, the impact is even greater. 

Money goes far in a country like Nepal. For instance, the $7 latte you buy at your local coffee shop can feed a Nepali citizen nine nutritious breakfasts. With that level of impact, donations to Elevate Nepal can greatly expand our mission and help us accomplish our goals. That’s why we are currently looking for monthly donors to help fund our Makwanpur Community Development Project.. 

Your impact of…

  • $100 could build one tap to supply water to an entire community
  • $75 could fund sanitation awareness programs in Nepal
  • $50 could employee five local workers for one day’s work
  • $40 could provide a lifetime of water for one person
  • $25 could feed one person for an entire month

The generosity of our donors helps us  improve quality of life  in Nepal’s most remote corners with a focus on projects related to education, employment, public health and infrastructure. While any type of donation is an immense help, the reliability and commitment of our monthly donors creates invaluable stability that cannot be replicated with one-time donations. 

As a cherished supporter of our mission, becoming a monthly donor has advantages for you, too:

  • It’s convenient. Giving automatic donations at the same time every month is often easier and more efficient than giving larger donations sporadically. This helps you know exactly when and what amount will come out of your monthly budget. The only thing you have to do from there is watch your donation being put to work through our Facebook, Instagram and website!
  • It may help your contribution go farther. Separating your donation into monthly amounts may allow you to contribute more than you originally thought. For example, spending $500 all at once might be too much for the monthly budget to handle, but donating $50 every month means you’d contribute $600 by the end of the year! This is a win-win for our organization and monthly donors.
  • It provides valuable support during our slower months. We know that you’re passionate about helping us rebuild homes, schools, and sanitation systems in villages across Nepal. During our slower fundraising times, we rely heavily on monthly donors for financial stability. Consider your monthly donation like a rainy day fund that keeps the organization running smoothly throughout the year.
  • It helps us budget better. Monthly donations live under a planned rather than estimated income bucket, which means we can make budget and spending decisions with more confidence. Monthly donations give us the breathing room to think beyond the immediate project and toward finding new ways to embrace our mission, introduce new initiatives, and expand our impact.

At Elevate Nepal, we strive to use each donated dollar to its greatest benefit. We strategically allocate funds to have the most sustainable impact for Nepalese communities, such as training the next generation of Nepalese agriculturalists, rebuilding a primary school or supporting international health organizations. We deeply appreciate your support.

Become a monthly donor today!

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