COVID Response

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Nepal, we lept into action with an Emergency Pandemic Response plan, including nutrition assistance, PPE distribution and public awareness campaigns.
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Our Impact


The Nepal government has instituted several strict lockdowns since March 2020 to help slow the spread of COVID-19. As many doctors have applauded the lockdowns as the most effective way of breaking the rate of transmission, it has caused severe hardship for many citizens. Normal supply chains have been disrupted, coupled with devastating losses of income by daily wage workers, leaving millions suffering. Elevate Nepal established a Nutrition Assistance Program to help ease this burden by creating food packages that include rice, lentils, cooking oil, salt, and soap. Our impact has been made possible by utilizing our Nepalese staff, and our partnerships with Steps Foundation, Mountain People Nepal, and Kyimolung Foundation.


During the start of the first wave and even more prevalent now in the second wave, PPE shortages have been felt nationwide at hospitals and health posts. Elevate Nepal has partnered with Wangchuk Rapten Lama of the Kyimolung foundation to distribute desperately needed PPE to medical workers on the front lines. PPE includes full body suits, bulk hand sanitizer, and masks supplied to 14 health posts in the district of Kavre. Elevate Nepal’s team on the ground has distributed masks to villagers, monks, nuns, students, teachers and front line workers. The team is teaching the importance of this simple, yet impactful, life saving action.


The second wave in Nepal (April 2021-present) has been drastically more devastating with loss of life. Education about COVID, especially in rural villages, is lacking as villagers are still trying to understand the basics of the virus and ways to prevent transmission. With lack of knowledge, a wide range of misinformation about treatments are being shared mainly through social media, resulting in people self administering unneeded medication and oxygen in their own homes. On the ground in Nepal, Dan Maurer, Advisory Board Member Sara Parker, and Dr. Ayesha Ghimire (Dignity Without Danger) partnered with three doctors at the Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital in Kathmandu to launch a massive Social Media Awareness campaign to deliver the correct information to the people of Nepal. In addition, Public Service Announcements spoken in five different languages have been broadcasted on 20 FM channels throughout the country.

Social Media Awareness Ads

Public Service Announcements for FM Broadcast


provided with Nutrition Assistance Packages


Face coverings distributed


Full body PPE suits to medical wards


Surgical gloves


Surgical gowns


Face shields

Over 10 million people reached

by Social Media Awareness Campaign


in aid distributed since March 2020

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