Our Approach

We’re committed to building mutually beneficial international coalitions to support sustainable communities in Nepal for generations.

What We Do

What We Don't Do

Project Criteria

We ask ourselves these questions before starting any project. If any of our answers are “no,” then we need to revisit our strategy!

Is the project sustainable?

We value sustainability in terms of eco-friendliness, but also in terms of longevity. Our projects need to be sustained through the years, requiring commitment from our team as well as our Nepali partners.

Do we have local support?

Our projects won’t be successful unless we have the buy-in from local community members and government, especially because they’re responsible for ongoing maintenance.

Do we have necessary resources?

The projects we pursue take money, time, and specialized knowledge. We need to ensure these resources are available prior to breaking ground.

Is success measurable?

Every project needs to be a step toward our organizational goals. Therefore, it’s important we collect both qualitative and quantitative data to prove our initiatives’ success and track progress.

Our Current Initiatives

We’re currently exploring projects within these four categories.


Whether it’s teaching agriculture or arithmetic, we’re supporting high-quality, safe education in Nepal for children and adults. In 2019, we rebuilt the Sarsyu Primary School, which now serves more than 700 students.


All our projects employ Nepali people. Not only do our initiatives create a source of income but they also teach transferable skills. This creates a sense of local ownership that’s crucial for long-term success.

Public Health

When COVID-19 struck, we lept into action, providing nutrition assistance, masks, and public education. There’s more on the horizon, and we’re working closely with the Kyimolung Foundation to continue having a positive impact.


Working toilets. Water systems. Earthquake-proof schools and homes. These are all foundational aspects of self-sustaining communities that we strive to establish in Nepal’s most remote corners.

Meet Our In-Country Non-Profit Partners

We partner with some incredible Nepali organizations whose visions and goals align with ours.


Founded by Rewati Gurung, Korkroma makes baby clothing (and during the COVID-19 pandemic, masks), employing women who are survivors of domestic violence or forced marriage. We’re proud to support them in providing women with a much-needed source of income.

Kyimolung Foundation Nepal

Many of our public health initiatives are with the Kyimolung Foundation Nepal. Wangchuk Rapten Lama founded this organization to provide essential healthcare, education and nutrition assistance to underserved communities in Nepal.

Past Partners

Every donation counts — Thank you!