Our Impact

Our organization was founded in response to the 2015 devastating Gorkha Earthquake to rebuild homes, schools, and sanitation systems in villages across the country. Since then, we have primarily worked in the country’s most remote corners with a focus on projects related to education, employment, public health and infrastructure. Learn more about our approach.

We’re among the only international organizations that are a registered nonprofit with the Ministry of Social Welfare in Nepal, building our credibility both domestically and abroad. Read our story to find out how we got where we are today.

Since our founding, we have…

Built 3,000 temporary homes immediately after Gorkha Earthquake.

Constructed an earthquake-proof school for 700 students.

Contributed $30K+ to support sustainable agriculture school.

Distributed personal protective equipment and food to 30,000 people during COVID-19 pandemic

Brought clean water and electricity to hundreds of people in remote Nepal (project currently underway!)

We also raised…

for earthquake
$ 0 +
for COVID-19 pandemic response
$ 0 +
for projects related to education
$ 0 +
to bring water & electricity to remote villages
$ 0 +

We’re proud of the progress we’ve made, but we’re far from done!

Every donation counts — Thank you!