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You Can Support Nepal’s Sustainable Future

The greatest accomplishments are not achieved by one person alone—community is key! Nepal needs all the support it can get to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. You can make a big difference and play an important role in our work. Here’s how.

For Individuals

Make a recurring or individual donation.

This is the easiest way to have a big impact. Individual donors are absolutely essential to funding our work. Your money might go toward construction supplies or providing Nepali workers with a livable wage. We are grateful for whatever amount you’re able to give! Donate now.

Host your own Facebook fundraiser.

Want to do good for your birthday or another event? Start a fundraiser for Elevate Nepal! Every cent that your Facebook friends donate will go toward our important projects, such as funding agricultural research or bringing clean water to remote villages. Get started.

Start a peer-to-peer fundraiser through our website.

Don’t have Facebook? No problem. You can also host a fundraiser through our website. Here’s how.

For Businesses

Become our partner.

Businesses are an important part of making our vision reality. We align ourselves with businesses of all sizes that are passionate about giving back and helping others. View our current partners.

Sponsor an initiative.

You can sponsor a single initiative that you care about, such as education or clean water. Your donation will go directly toward the cause of your choosing. Contact us about being an initiative sponsor.

Whether you’re an individual or a corporation who is able to give $10 or $1,000, you make a difference in the lives of Nepali people. Thank you for your support!

Every donation counts — Thank you!