Education. Employment. Public Health. Infrastructure.

These are essential to develop Nepal’s poorest and most remote villages into thriving communities. Pursuing projects that fall into these four categories, we create opportunities to curb outmigration and fortify against threats like climate change, earthquakes, pandemics, and more. And we can’t do it alone.

Doing Things Differently

We’re not afraid to tackle big projects that require time and commitment. With a scalable, collaborative, and culturally sensitive approach, we’re positioning rural Nepali villagers for success now and later.

Long-Term Vision

Strong Local Partnerships

Measurable Results

Project Spotlight

Rural Community Development

3.5 million Nepali people do not have access to clean water. We’re building critical water infrastructure in Nepal’s most remote areas to combat waterborne illness and food scarcity.

Anything’s Possible with Community

Our ambitious goals can be met with the support of our generous sponsors and donors. We couldn’t be more grateful for everyone who has helped along the way.

Sapana Leadership Society

Join our society of donors who are truly making dreams come true in Nepal

Explore Our Strategic Plan

This comprehensive plan spans 2024 through 2027, addressing multifaceted challenges prevalent in rural Nepal. We present strategic initiatives across infrastructure, education, employment, and public health sectors, as well as ways you can get involved.  

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