Sapana Coffee

We have been working closely with coffee farmers in Nepal to grow world class coffee that can be sold in country or exported to other parts of the world.

Our Impact

The middle hills of the Himalayas, the world’s largest and youngest mountain range, offer growing conditions unlike anywhere else in the world. One of Nepal’s most valuable resources is its rich, fertile soil. Elevate Nepal’s mission with our social enterprise is to find opportunities through job creation in Nepal to allow Nepalese to earn a livelihood through resources that already exist in their villages.

Coffee farming in Nepal is a relatively new industry for this historically agrarian country. Anthony and Dan work with farmers as they learn about coffee cultivation to refine practices in search of the perfect cup of Himalayan coffee.

100% of the proceeds from each bag of coffee goes toward funding these humanitarian efforts. Our coffee beans are cultivated in the Himalayan Mountains, resulting in a clean, crisp and distinctly unique flavor. With each sip you are making a dream come true. Dhanyabad (Thank You).

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